Administration Technique

Malar BONE point

A place above the lateral buccal fat pad (approx. 2 cm to the side and 1 cm down from the outer corner of the eye). The injection will lift the side of the cheek slightly and increase the tension in the center of the cheek.


* In some cases, for better skin tension, it is advisable to add a fifth application point at the angle of the jaw.

The BRP technique offers an immediate effect of tightening and smoothing the skin while maintaining the long-term bioregenerative effect of the preparation. The minimal trauma (only 4 injections on each side of the face) makes the treatment a perfect fit in the now popular category of “lunch treatments”.



It is the point at the intersection of the lines that cross the pupil of the eye down and next to the base of the nostril, the injection causes the medial part of the cheek to rise.



Located at the intersection of the line from the outer end of the eyebrow down and to the side of the nostril, the injection will enhance the bulge and thus the projection of the Ogee curvature.