V650 Laser

The V650 is the most advanced vascular laser for aesthetic medicine. Improving upon the gold-standard devices for vascular lesions, the V650 eliminates the limitations and potential risks that these traditional technologies incurred. The V650’s inherit 1064nm wavelength’s depth of penetration gives it a real advantage over the shorter wavelength devices such as Pulsed Dye and KTP lasers.

The addition of the V650’s 650 Microsecond Technology® negates the pain and adverse effects typically associated with long-pulsed Nd:YAG lasers as well as the risk of epidermal burns from PDL and KTP lasers. The resulting combination of V650’s wavelength and unique pulse parameters enable it to effectively and safely treat a range of vascular lesions including deep and superficial vessels, thick lesions and plaques, diffuse redness, and more – all within an uncommonly comfortable treatment that does not require skin cooling or anesthetic.