New benchmark in the medical treatment of ageing loose skin

The patented ATTIVA capacitive transducers work with tensions up to 10 times lower than any other capacitive transducers on the market, guaranteeing the highest level of safety. 

The Ultimate Technology to Treat Sagging Skin


ATTIVA® Subdermal Induced Heat (S.I.H.) Technology is the result of 5 years of technical and scientific research. It is protected by 3 international patents. Our technology is intended for physicians seeking for an efficient and safe solution to treat the signs of aging without surgery. ATTIVA® S.I.H. Technology offers patients dramatic aesthetic enhancements to the quality of their skin with no downtime, no scarring and with immediate results.  A new benchmark in the medical treatment of ageing loose skin.

ATTIVA® S.I.H. Technology is a PATENTED subdermal induced heat technology based on the modulation of different current types; continuous, fractional and sequential.  By uniformly heating the subdermal tissue layers with a powerful but controlled energy,  ATTIVA® allows a complete mastering of results with the highest precision. At first the soft tissue is contracted, then there is shrinkage of the collagen structure of the dermis which causes a stimulation of the fibroblast activity in reaction to the procedure’s trauma. This fibroblast activity stimulates the elastin production and the synthesis of new collagen.